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PLEASE NOTE: Some Oregon® distributors sell our Forestry Products. Others sell our Outdoor Equipment Parts. And some of our distributors sell both. Each distributor listing includes "Product Offering" information so you'll know which Oregon® products they sell.

"Forestry Products" = Cutting chain, guide bars, sprockets, and accessories for chainsaws and mechanical timber harvesters; and trimmer line and trimmer heads.

"Outdoor Equipment Parts" = Lawnmower blades, belts, spindles, tires, spark plugs, engine parts, and accessories for mowers; and trimmer line and trimmer heads.

The following Distributors are covering the state/territory of Utah.
Check with these distributors for new dealers in your area.

   Distributor Name:   Power Distributors - UT
   Product Offering:   Forestry Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   3626 Parkway Boulevard
     West Valley City, UT  84120
  Phone:   (800) 248-4016
  Fax:   (800) 733-0127
  Email:   sales@powerdistributors.com
  Website:   www.powerdistributors.com

   Distributor Name:   Beaver Valley Supply Inc.
   Product Offering:   Forestry Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   9591 Northfield Blvd.
     Denver, CO  80238
  Phone:   (303) 480-5451
  Fax:   (303) 480-5217
  Email:   beavervalley@sbcglobal.net
  Website:   www.beavervalleysupply.com

   Distributor Name:   Cantrell Turf Equipment
   Product Offering:   Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   1343 South Main
     Porterville, CA  93257
  Phone:   (559) 784-4102
  Fax:   (559) 781-1875
  Email:   Rick@CTEPlusUSA.com
  Website:   www.CTEPlusUSA.com

   Distributor Name:   Golden Eagle Distributing
   Product Offering:   Forestry Products
  Physical Address:   1251 Tinker Road
     Rocklin, CA  95765
  Mailing Address:   P. O. Box 1560
     Rocklin, CA  95677
  Phone:   (916) 645-6600
  Fax:   (916) 645-6633
  Email:   dallase@goldeneagledist.com
  Website:   www.goldeneagledist.com

   Distributor Name:   Power Equipment Systems, LLC
   Product Offering:   Forestry Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Physical Address:   1645 Salem Industrial Drive NE
     Salem, OR  97301-4238
  Mailing Address:   PO Box 669
     Salem, OR  97308
  Phone:   (800) 782-2700
  Fax:   (800) 637-9243
  Email:   info@pesnet.com
  Website:   www.pesnet.com

   Distributor Name:   Scotsco, Inc.
   Product Offering:   Cordless Products
Forestry Products
Harvester Products
Log Splitter Products
Outdoor Equipment Parts
  Address:   16750 S.E. Kens Court
     Milwaukie, OR  97267-4759
  Phone:   (800) 547-3989
  Fax:   (503) 653-7838
  Email:   lward@scotsco.com
  Website:   www.scotsco.com